Co-Head Coaches: Jay Reiplinger/Joe Schmidt
Enrollment: 147 Blackduck/158 Cass Lake-Bena
Conference: North Star

21-3 Overall Duals
Section 7A Champions
Eleven Section Placers/Six State Qualifiers/Two State Placers
Third Place: FB “Alfred Olson Memorial” Invite: 178 Pts. 12 Placers
Fifth Place: Foley “Tom Keating” Invite: 116 Pts Six Placers
Eleventh Place: Cass Lake “Big Bear” 105.5 Pts. 8 Placers
First Place: Royalton “Royals” Duals: 3-0
Sixth Place: TRF “All Forces/Army/ National Guard” 107.5 Pts. 7 Placers
Second Place: WHAN “Wolfe Pack” 159 Pts. 10 Places

The Bears of Blackduck/Cass Lake should be considered a favorite in this dual meet campaign. They have back from their 21-3 dual meet campaign and Section 7A honors eight section place winners, including four state qualifiers, of which two earned state medals. They will have back five with a range of experience. Trevor Janssen (38-6 @ 113) earned four second place honors and Ian Frenzel (33-7 @ 160) earned sixth place honors. Trenton Juelson (27-15 @ 132) and Christian Pater (26-19 @ 106) state qualifiers and Mason Smid (29-17) and Logan Dobmeier (23-17) should be their leaders thru out the season. They did graduate five last spring, including three section place winners, of which two were state qualifiers.

Returning Wrestlers:
Trevor Janssen 11th 38-6 1st Sec./2nd State/AC
Ian Frenzel 12th 33-7 2nd Sec./6th State/AC
Mason Smid 11th 29-17 3rd Section/AC
Trenten Juelson 11th 27-15 2nd Section/AC
Christian Pater 9th 26-19 2nd Section/AC
Logan Dobmeier 12th 27-17 3rd Section/AC
Xayvion Rodgers 12th 17-17
Christian Schmidt 12th 11-15 5th Section
Mijakwad Johnson 12th 9-14 5th Section
Jacob Nattrass 11th 10-22
Jaden Seelye 11th 5-5
Shayne Swedberg 8th 3-0
Landon Gross 11th 3-13
Colter Humphrey 11th 1-12

Hunter Wilcowski 41-7 1st Section/AC (118-58 Career)
Lucas Reiplinger 38-12 1st Section/AC (147-71 Career)
Michael Staples 22-8 (50-44 Career)
Gaige Humphrey 19-20 4th Section
Michael Juelson 3-5
Head Coach: Terry Gorecki
Enrollment: 238 Royalton/101 Upsala
Conference: Park Region

14-9 Overall Duals 3-2 Park Region
Section 7A Runner Ups
Thirteen Section Placers/Six State Qualifiers/Three State Placers
Second Place: Ogilvie “Lions” Invite: 201 Pts. 13 Placers
Fifth Place: Maple Grove “Crimson” Invite: 130.5 Pts. 9 Placers
Fifth Place: Andover “Husky” Invite: 105 Pts. 7 Placers
Third Place: HLWW “Lakers” Invite: 142.5 Pts. 10 Placers
Second Place: Royalton “Royal” Duals: 2-1
Sixth Place: Park Region Conference: 124 Pts. 9 Placers
The Royals of Royalton/Upsala should make a strong challenge for a top four spot in this dual meet campaign. If they can stay healthy thru out, they could challenge for another championship match up. They have back from 14-9 dual meet campaign, that was filled with injuries to key wrestlers. They have nine section place winners, including two state qualifiers, of which one earned state honors and six with a win range of experience. Jackson Held (43-6 @ 160) earned fourth place honors and Jacob Leibold (31-16 @ 120) was a state qualifier. Damion Theisen (34-14), Sam Costanzo (17-12), Wyatt Lahr (16-24) and Mason Novitzki (19-16) should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate six last spring, including four section place winners, of which three were state qualifiers and two earned state honors

Returning Wrestlers:
Jackson Held 12th 43-6 1st Sec./4th State/AC
Damion Theisen 12th 31-16 5th Section/AC
Jacob Leibold 9th 31-16 2nd Section/AC
Brady Conrad 10th 21-24 5th Section
Sam Costanzo 12th 17-12 4th Section
Will Gorecki 8th 19-27 4th Section
Mason Novitzki 10th 19-16 4th Section
Gabe Gorecki 9th 18-16 6th Section
Wyatt Lahr 12th 16-24 3rd Section
Aaron Block 10th 7-14
Gavin Sowada 11th 4-9
Gage Louden 11th 4-13
Max Lange 8th 3-5
Tyson Leners 8th 2-3
Brock Costanzo 8th 1-1

Jason Kasella 42-2 1st Sec./2nd State/AC (110-22 Career)
Marshall Meehl 29-13 1st. Sec./5th State/AC
Lyle Zimmerman 22-10 2nd Section
Cole Wentland 4-3 3rd Section (Injured)
Phillip Kroll 10-13
Dalton Lauden 7-3 Injured

Head Coach: Larry Liljenquist
Enrollment: 285
Conference: Mid-State

18-10 Overall Duals
Final Four Section 7A
Twelve Section Placers/Four State Qualifiers
Third Place: Mora “Mustang” Invite: 160 Pts. 12 Placers
First Place: Great Northern Duals
Twelve Place: Brainerd “Paul Bunyan” Invite: 43 Pts 2 Placers

The Gobblers of Aitkin should make a strong challenge for section honors, they have back from their 18-10 dual meet dual campaign ten section place winners, including three state qualifiers and ten with a wide range of experience. Tyler Spolarich (33-15 @ 145), Luke Pelarski (36-15 @ 138) and Carter Endrizzi (28-20 @ 152) all state qualifiers and Jack Gravelle. (33-15), Carson Kulhem (31-16) and Quin Miller (26-18) should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate four seniors, including two section place winners, one of which was a state qualifier.

Returning Wrestlers:
Luke Pelarski 12th 36-15 2nd Section
Tyler Spolarich 10th 33-15 1st Section
Carson Kulhem 9th 31-16 3rd Section

Jack Gravelle 12th 34-13 4th Section
Carter Endrizzi 12th 28-20 2nd Section
Quinn Miller 12th 26-18 4th Section
Steven Whitney 11th 17-19 4th Section
Jack Workman 12th 17-26 5th Section
Andrew Eklund 12th 14-13 6th Section
Nathan Decent 10th 11-18
Nathan Rom 11th 14-22 6th Section
Craig Ashton 8th 9-27 5th Section
Marshall Larson 9th 7-12
Hayden Workman 8th 3-17
Tyler Fennen 12th 2-2
Isaac Nelson 12th 2-4
Jack Grell 8th 2-5
Sam Ostrode 10th 2-0
Tanner Hulls 9th 2-0
Nathan Stifter 9th 2-1
Daniel Decent 9th 1-4

Jack Cedric Farnsworth 29-11 2nd Section
Justin Henline 2-4
Preston Carlson 3-8
Head Coach: Brady Hermel
Enrollment: 115 Isle/109 Onamia
Conference: Great River

13-8 Overall Duals 5-0 Great River
Nine Section Placers/One State Qualifier
Fifth Place: Rush City “Tigers” Invite” 116 Pts. 10 Placers
Ninth Place: Andover “Huskier” Invite: 75.5 Pts. 6 Placers
Fifth Place: Mora “Mustangs” Invite: 110 Pts. 7 Placers
First Place: Great River Conference: 221 Pts. 14 Placers

The Raiders of Mille Lacs should make a strong challenge for one of those top four spots in this dual meet campaign. They have back from their 13-8 dual meet campaign, seven section place winners, including one state qualifier and four with a great deal of experience. Braden Willis (28-10 @ 285) their lone state qualifier, Eric Bassett (24-15, Macen Haggeberg (18-4), Teagan Haggeberg (21-16) and Bradley Bernu (15-12) should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate two last spring, including two section place winners. They should have a very balanced lineup, as they should continue to make strides of improvement.

Returning Wrestlers:
Braden Willis 12th 28-10 2nd Section
Eric Bassett 12th 24-15 4th Section
Teagen Haggeberg 10th 21-16 4th Section
Bradley Bernu 11th 25-12 Injured
Macen Haggeberg 12th 18-4 3rd Section
Daniel Miller 9th 15-22
Ethan Benson 11th 14-14 6th Section
Eric Thompson 11th 12-16
Steven Rosekrans 12th 9-8 6th Section
Tucker Strecker 8th 7-20 6th Section
Cam Wilkes 8th 7-24

Rease Peterson 27-8 3rd Section/AC (79-42 Career)
Jorden Burow 25-10 4th Section/AC (44-26 Career)
Head Coach: Brian Wood
Enrollment: 290
Conference: Mid-State

8-19 Overall Duals 0-5 Mid-State
Seven Section Placers
Second Place: Rush City “Tiger” Invite: 155 Pts. 12 Placers
Fifth Place: WHAN “WolfPack” Invite: 129.5 Pts. 10 Placers
Eight Place: Benson “Braves Classic” 87.5 Pts. 7 Placers
Three Place: Ogilvie “Lions” Invite: 150 Pts. 10 Placers
Seventh Place: BHV/PP “Knight Hawk” Invite: 103 Pts. 7 Placers

The Rangers will have back five section place winners back and nine with a wide range of experience. Look for this team to improve on their dual numbers from last season. They could move up in the conference standings if they stay healthy and get their weights spread out. They could be a spoiler in this dual meet campaign. Nate Williams, Taylor Eigenbeer and John Paul Fitzpatrick should be their key leaders thru out the season.

Returning Wrestlers:
Nate Williams 12th 41-11 2nd Section/AC
Taylor Eigenbeer 12th 37-11 2nd Section/AC
John Paul Fitzpatrick 8th 33-14 3rd Section
Jake Klancher 10th 18-20 4th Section
Micheal Fitzpatrick 10th 12-8
Josh Mienert 12th 19-23 6th Section
Aiden Voss 10th 11-21
Kyle Blazek 11th 6-26
Zack Bennett 12th 6-33
Adam Christopher 12th 5-4
Dylan Holmes 12th 3-6
Logan Grittner 12th 4-8
Eli Lies 12th 3-4
Zach Bourdgage 12th 1-3

Keven Blazek 35-11 2nd Section/AC
Gabe Ryappy 31-18 3rd Section
Austin Johnson 13-22
Head Coach: Steve Berg
Enrollment: 170
Conference: Independent

16-14 Overall 3-1 Mat King
Seven Section Placers/Five State Qualifiers/Two State Placers
First Place: Rush City “Tiger” Invite: 187.5 Pts. 13 Placers
Thirteen Place: Cass Lake “Big Bear” Invite: 102 Pts 6 Placers
Second Place: Grand Rapids “Skip Nalan” Invite: 166.5 Pts. 7 Placers
Fourth Place: WHAN “WolfPack” Invite: 130 Pts. 7 Placers

The Deer River Warriors have back from their 16-14 dual meet season, five section place winners, including two state qualifiers and ten with a great deal of experience. Trevor Michienzi (36-8 @ 106) and Marshall Michienzi (42-10 @ 113) both state qualifiers and Trey Fairbanks (41-9) and Brady Long (33-10) should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate four last spring, including thee state qualifiers, two of which were state place winners. With all their experience, look for the Warriors to have a very balanced team.

Returning Wrestlers:
Marshall Michienzi 11th 42-10 2nd Section
Trey Fairbanks 11th 41-9 3rd Section
Trevor Michienzi 11th 36-8 1st Section
Brady Long 12th 33-10
Tyler Gullickson 8th 17-6
Ikola Zachary 9th 15-9
Frank Villenueve 12th 14-14
Jo Jo Thompson 8th 9-28
Bryce Herring 8th 4-23
Dylan Warner 10th 7-15
Deanna Francisco 10th 4-13
Coben Wolfe 9th 5-3
Ronald Roy 10th 6-2
Charles Hart 11th 2-8

Jace Geving 49-3 1st Sec./3rd State (195-26 Career/School)
Jamaal Baird 44-6 1st Sec./5th State (146-26 Career)
Tyler Gunderson 31-6 1st Section (115-60 Career)
Lukas Foster 2-13
Head Coach: Adam Halvorson
Enrollment: 97
Conference: Great River

6-15 Overall Duals 1-4 Great River
Seven Section Placers/One State Qualifier
Sixth Place: Rush City “Tigers” Invite: 103 Pts. 7 Placers
Fifth Place: Trinity “Win Hawk” Invite” 104 Pts. 8 Placers
Sixth Place: Ogilvie “Lions” Invite” 99 Pts. 9 Placers
Fifth Place: Great River Conference: 115 Pts. 10 Placers
Eleventh Place: SCF “Classic” Invite: 60 Pts. 4 Placers

The Lions have back 6-15 dual meet campaign five section place winners, including one state qualifier and six with experience. Alex Chidester (33-7 @ 285) their lone state qualifier, Beau Burke (26-16), Ethan Warren (24-20) Rhett Hudoba (22-19) and Gavin McLevis (20-21) should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did have two graduate section place winners graduate last spring.

Returning Wrestlers:
Alex Chidester 12th 33-7 1st Section
Beau Burk 10th 26-16 5th Section
Ethan Warren 10th 24-20 5th Section
Rhett Hudoba 8th 22-19 5th Section
Gavin McLevis 10th 20-21 5th Section
Brady Harlan 10th 10-14
Chad Bauman 8th 7-2
Riley Lambert 10th 4-20
Ayden Peterson 10th 4-8
Alivia Sanborn 10th 4-10
Emily Severtson 10th 3-3

Braden Ryan 28-6 3rd Section
Matthew Warren 25-19 6th Section

Head Coach: Gage Keegan
Enrollment: 228 Rush City/184 Braham
Conference: Great River

10-5 Overall Duals 4-1 Great River
Four Section Placers/One State Qualifier
Seventh Place: Rush City “Tigers” Invite: 95.5 Pts 8 Placers
Sixth Place: North Branch “Vikings” Invite” 86.5 Pts. 5 Placers
Fourth Place Big Lake “Hornet” Invite: 138.5 Pts 12 Placers
Seven Place: Chisago Lakes “Holiday” Invite” 77 Pts. 5 Placers
Sixth Place: Mora “Mustang” Invite: 95 Pts 8 Placers
Third Place: Great River Conference: 162 Pts. 12 Placers

The Tigers will have back two section place winners and seven others with a wide range of experience. Look for strides of improvement from this young team. They could challenge those dual meet numbers from last year. They could possibly be a spoiler sometime thru out the season, if they stay healthy and get their weights spread out. Daniel Mielke and Devin Shelito should be their key leaders thru out the season.

Returning Wrestlers:
Daniel Mielke 11th 29-15 3rd Section
Devin Shelito 12th 23-16 3rd Section
Logan Niessen 12th 19-21
Hunter Hermanson 11th 17-14
Landon Umbreit 8th 10-26
Carson Shockman 10th 9-24
Tyler McElrath 9th 4-20
Mason Langren 10th 3-32
Austin Schlangen 9th 1-21

Dalton Mielke 36-4 1st Section
Cory Clemmer 22-16 3rd Section
Tucker Leigland 18-22
Head Coach: Colby Marich
Enrollment: 170 WHA/153 Nevis
Conference: North Star

8-9 Overall Duals 0-4 North Star
Three Section Placers/Two State Qualifiers/One State Placer
Sixth Place: Grand Rapids “Skip Nalan” Invite: 129.5 Pts. 8 Placers
Sixth Place: Crookston “Rodd Olson” Invite: 104 Pts. 7 Placers
Seventh Place: Ogilvie “Lions” Invite: 90 Pts. 6 Placers
Royalton “Royal” Duals: 3-0
Eleventh Place: TRF “Arm Forces/Army/Gaurd” Invite: 48 Pts. 3 Place
Seventh Place: WHAN “Wolf Pack” Invite: 90 Pts. 7 Placers

The Wolves have one section place back and eleven with experience. They should challenge their dual meet numbers from last season. They could move up in the conference standings, look for strides of improvement from the Wolves this season. Their key leaders should be, Colton Jacob, Carter Rettke, Kolby Kamblin, Liam Andress and Drew Erickson.

Returning Wrestlers:
Colton Jacob 12th 18-21
Carter Rettke 12th 17-16
Kolby Kamblin 11th 12-16
Liam Andress 11th 11-18
Drew Erickson 12th 9-14
Gavin Damar 10th 9-22
Zach Stevenson 10th 8-11
Kenner Bell 12th 7-20 6th Section
Tyler Hausken 12th 6-18
Jayden Stevenson 12th 6-8
Jordan Louis 10th 3-4
Jake Myers 10th 2-4

Dillon McGee 32-7 1st Section (133-37 Career)
Kyle Schmidt 38-10 2nd Sec./3rd State (86-46 Career)

Head Coach: Logan Oellien
Enrollment: 308
Conference: Central Minnesota

3-13 Overall Duals 1-6 Central Minnesota
Six Section Placers
Ninth Place: Big Lake “Hornets” Invite: 64.5 Pts. 6 Placers
Ninth Place: Foley “Tom Keating” Invite: 37 Pts. 2 Placers
Nine Place: Paynesville “Bulldogs” Invite: 26 Pts. 3 Placers
Tenth Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite: 27 Pts. 2 Placers

The Huskers will have back six section place winners and six with a wide range of experience. This young team should make strides of improvement during the course of the season. If they can stay healthy they should improve on their dual meet numbers from last season. They could move in up in the conference standings. Look for this crew to surprise someone along the way. Alex Lange, James Welle, Blake Sigler, Chase Boeckman and Tate Lange should be their leaders thru out the season.

Returning Wrestlers:
Alex Lange 11th 24-17 4th Section
James Welle 11th 22-13 5th Section
Blake Sigler 12th 19-17 4th Section
Chase Boeckman 11th 15-11
Tate Lange 10th 14-13 4th Section
Trent Sand 12th 9-14 6th Section
Brandon Doll 10th 6-11 6th Section
Cohl Clear 9th 5-8
Sam Harren 9th 5-8
Maxwell Secord 10th 5-9
Caleb Loomis 11th 2-4
Alex Welle 9th 1-3