The Falcons posted awesome dual meet marks of 24-2.  From that team they return ten section place winners; including four state place winners and four others with a great deal of experience. They did graduate four section place winners; including three state qualifiers. Look for the Falcons to make a strong challenge to defend those section and conference titles. They got surprised a little in the first round of the state last season, look for them to challenge for some hardware at the state; possibly a higher place than last season. Larry Bomstad, Lucas Damm, Logan Peterson, Maverick Whitcomb, Derek Dengerud, Tyler Berghuis and Jordan Fester to be their key leaders thru out the season.


The Cubs posted 21-13 dual meet numbers; when you compare those to the previous two seasons that doesn’t look real good. But they are actually awesome numbers considering the graduates the year before and the injuries they went thru last season. Back from the team that was Tri-Conference Champions and section runner up are seven section place winners including two state place winners and seven others with a great deal of experience. Despite the graduation of four very good seniors including three state qualifiers they could challenge those dual meet marks of last season. They should be in the hunt for possible conference honors and make a strong challenge in this section dual meet campaign. Quinten Berres, Blane Tschida and Austin Schiefelbein should be their key leaders thru out the season.


The Silverstreaks posted 13-10 dual meet marks last season, back from that team are seven section place winners, including two state qualifiers and five others with a great of varsity experience. Despite the graduation of three seniors including two section place winners they will be looking to improve on those dual meet marks. The Silverstreaks should make a strong challenge for conference honors. Also look for them to challenge for a top four spot in this section dual meet campaign. Brendon Coyer, Trenton Coyer, Ryan Engler and Peter Hagen should be their key leaders thru out the season.


The Bulldogs posted respectable dual meet marks of 13-14; they endured many injuries last season. They will return five section place winners and eight others with a great deal of experience. The Bulldogs did graduate three section place winners last spring, but look for this team to make improvement on those dual meet marks. They should be a force in the conference dual meet campaign and make a strong challenge for one of those top four spot in the section duals. If this team can avoid the injuries of last season, they could have a very good season. Anthony Wendlandt, Derek Ludwig, Michael Ludwig and Jacob Mages should be their key leaders thru out the season.


Look for the Lakers of Minnewaska and the Eagles of Eden Valley-Watkins to push for one of those top four spots in the section dual meet campaign. There are seven state tourney medal winners back from last season, including three state champions, Larry Bomstad, Lucas Damm and Quinten Berres. Logan Peterson earned third place, Blane Tschida earned third place, Brendan Coyer earned third place and Maverick Whitcomb earned fourth place. There are a total of fifteen state qualifiers returning from last year’s state tourney action. Those not mentioned above are: Josey Tensen of Belgrade-Brooten, Cain Renner and Luke Kuechle of Eden Valley-Watkins.


Look for the following wrestlers: Jordan Nelson, Jesse Rogers, Rylan Molinaro, Ethan Houseman and Cameron Whitcomb of Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Markus Mehr and Troy Filzen of Kimball, Nils Hagen of Osakis, Alex Schramel, Ben Feuerhake, Colby Schramel and Adam Jaeger of Belgrade-Brooten, Frank Christian of Paynesville, Taylor Donnay and John Salzl of Eden Valley-Watkins, Taylor Lundebrek, Bradley Jacobs, Joesph Weaver, Ryan Stottler and Spencer Winter of Minnewaska, Dylan Youngren and Garrett Schanus of Howard-Lake-Waverly, Noah Becker of Browerville and Miguel Ambriz of Long Prairie-Grey Eagle to challenge for medals at the end of the season.





Head Coach: Mike Amsden

Enrollment: 193

Section: 5A


24-2 Overall Dual Meets 6-0 West Central Conference Champions

Section 5A Champions

Fifth Place Class A State

Twelve Section Place Winners/Ten State Qualifiers/Four State Placers

First Place West Central Conference Invitational: 235 Pts (13 Placers)

First Place Foley “Tom Keating Memorial” Invitational: 223.5 Pts (12 Placers)

First Place Litchfield “Dragons” Invitational: 240 Pts. (13 Placers)

First Place Montevideo “Dave Roder Memorial” Invitational: 191.5 Pts. (14 Placers)

Third Place Hutchinson “Tigers” Invitational: 162 Pts (11 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Larry Bomstad                      12th                48-0                1st Sec./1st State/AC

Lucas Damm                         12th                42-6                1st Sec./1st State/AC

Logan Peterson                    12th                46-4                1st. Sec./3rd State/AC

Maverick Whitcomb             12th                41-6                1st Sec./4th State/AC

Derek Dengerud                   11th                31-13              2nd Section/AC

Jordan Fester                       12th                30-16              2nd Section

Tyler Berghuis                      12th                15-8                2nd Section/Injured

Rylan Molinaro                        9th                27-17              5th Section

Jordan Nelson                      12th                19-18              3rd Section

Jesse Rogers                        12th                16-19

Cameron Whitcomb             10th                10-9                3rd Section

Ethan Housman                    11th                17-12

Cody Berghuis                      11th                  3-7

Sheldon Rasmussen            11th                  3-5

Brennan Holien                    10th                  2-3

John Behn                               8th                  2-0

Jeremy Nelson                       8th                  1-2



Lee Whitcomb                      34-8                1st Section/AC          (84-43 Career)

Matthew Whitcomb             29-19              1st Section                (53-61 Career)

Robert Rassmussen            38-8                3rd Section/AC         (102-49 Career)

Jacob Peterson                    20-10              1st Section                (34-27 Career)




Head Coach: Mike Schindler

Enrollment: 197

Section: 5A


21-13 Overall Dual Meets  5-1 Central Minnesota Conference Tri-Champions

Section 5A Runner Up

Eleven Section Place Winners/Five State Qualifiers/Three State Place Winners

First Place Rush City “Tigers” Invitational: 215 Pts (12 Placers)

Sixth Place Cannon Falls “Bombers” Invitational: 130 Pts. (7 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Quinten Berres              11th            39-1            1st Sec./1st State/AC

Blane Tschida               11th            42-5            1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Austin Schiefelbein                12th            11-1            3rd Section

Brady Mehr                    10th            24-19          3rd Section

Markus Mehr                           12th            24-9            6th Section/AC

Troy Filzen                     11th            15-10          3rd Section

Tanner Schreifels                   11th            12-19         

Matt Donnay                            12th              3-6

Devin Kelley                            12th              8-19

Payton Schiefelbein        8th            11-26          6th Section

Skyler Schiefelbein                 11th              6-26         

Ted Zipoy                       11th              3-5

Alec Johnson                11th              3-10

Ty Morrison                             11th              3-5

Jake Borman                 11th              1-1



Marcus Hamer               38-8            2nd Section/4th State/AC       (184-30 Career)

Travis Wills                    39-8            2nd Section/AC              (109-70 Career)

Tim Konz                        31-9            1st Section/AC              (60-48 Career)

Austyn Schlueter          29-14          5th Section                    (38-27 Career)





Head Coach: : Joey Andreasen

Enrollment: 243

Section: 5A


13-10 Overall Dual Meets 4-0 South Park Region Conference

Nine Section Place Winners/Three State Qualifiers

Final Four Section 5A

Second Place Melrose “Early Bird” Invitational: 182 Pts. (9 Placers)

Third Park Region Conference Tournament: 139.5 Pts. (9 Placers)

Fourth Place Albany “Purple Pride” Invitational: 138.5 Pts. (11 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Brendon Coyer              10th            39-4            1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Trenton Coyer               11th            32-5            2nd Section/AC

Ryan Engler                             11th            27-13          3rd Section

Peter Hagen                            12th            27-8            5th Section

Nils Hagen                     11th            21-13          5th Section

Mitch Sunder                 11th            16-19          6th Section

Colton Waldvogel            8th            18-12          6th Section

Tyler Spanswick            11th              8-8

Garrett Sunder              10th            11-21

Devin Johnson               12th              5-3

Austin Sunder                11th              2-7

Conrad Wiener                 9th              2-25



Garrett Scherr               31-8            2nd Section

Austin Rollog                 26-14          3rd Section/All Conference

Brandon Spanwsick      20-16




Co-Head Coaches: Dan Berg/Jeff Forcier

Enrollment: 216

Section 5A


7-9 Overall Dual Meets 1-5 Central Minnesota Conference

Six Section Place Winners/Three State Qualifiers

First Place Norwood Young America “Central” Invitational: 170.5 Pts. (10 Placers)

Fifth Place New London-Spicer “Wildcat” Invitational: 113.5 Pts. (9 Placers)

Sixth Place Willmar “Cardinal Classic” Invitational: 94 Pts. (7 Placers)

Eight Place Melrose “Early Bird” Invitational: 90 Pts. (6 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Cain Renner                            12th            27-9            2nd Section

Luke Kuechle                12th            15-10          2nd Section

Taylor Donnay               11th            20-17          6th Section

John Salzl                      10th            16-15

Lyle Miller                      12th            11-15

Hunter Mathies             12th            14-15          4th Section

Matt Schindler                 8th            10-17

Donavin McCann            12th              6-4

Grant Winter                           12th              5-11

Tyler Dockendorf          10th              5-10

Logan Donnay               10th              4-7

John Unterberger                     9th              1-3



Austin Peterson            24-3            2nd Section/AC              (94-41 Career)

Zach Blonigen               29-12          1st Section/6th State    (90-77 Career)

Shelby Sheldon                5-18






Head Coach: Tim Roberg

Enrollment: 248

Section: 5A


13-14 Overall Dual Meets  6-3 West Central Conference

Eight Section Place Winners

Fifth Place West Central Conference Tournament: 105 Pt. (9 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Michael Ludwig             12th            21-13

Jacob Mages                 11th            19-9            Injured

Anthony Wendlandt                11th            22-12          4th Section

Derek Ludwig                12th            21-10          5th Section

Frank Christian             12th            15-6

Jared Kunstleben                   12th              6-20          6th Section

Jonathan Schaeffer                11th            10-23

Nathan Stang                10th            10-16          6th Section

Jordan Karels               10th              5-14          6th Section

Andrew Kerzman           11th            10-13          Injured

Clay Spanier                            12th            11-0            Injured

Damian Viessman                   12th              5-21         

Brandon Douglas             9th              2-20

Garth Utsch                              9th              1-2



Caleb Burris                            24-11          2nd Section/AC              (65-48 Career)

Tanner Harder               14-17          3rd Section                    (34-35 Career)

Alex Whitcomb              14-19          4th Section




Head Coach: Brian Friedrichs

Enrollment: 166

Section: 5A


14-5 Overall Dual Meets 3-3 Central Minnesota Conference

Final Four Section 5A

Nine Section Place Winners/Three State Qualifiers

First Place Parkers Prairie “Knight Hawk” Invitational: 147.5 Pts. (8 Placers)

Third Place New London-Spicer “Wildcat” Invitational: 174 Pts. (14 Placers)

Second Place BBE “Jaguar” Invitational: (No. 1) 147.5 Pt. (8 Placers)

Fifth Place BBE “Jaguar” Invitational: (No. 2) 100 Pts. (7 Placers)

Fifth Place Maple Grove “Crimson” Invitational: 122 Pts. (7 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Josey Tensen                11th            29-9            2nd Section/AC

Alex Schramel               12th            23-17          6th Section

Colby Schramel             10th            20-16          5th Section

Ben Feuerhake              10th            14-20          6th Section

Kaleb Voss                    10th            10-11

Adam Jaeger                   8th            12-7            Injured

Ben Thompson               10th              8-22

Joe Reller                      10th              4-10

Maily Steven                           11th              2-4

Trevor Kern                               8th              1-2

Jonah Voss                      9th              1-11



Patrick Rooney    40-1            1st Sec./2nd State/AC   (148-67 Career)

Tyler Tensen                 39-5            2nd Sec./2nd State                 (113-40 Career)

Austin Jaeger      30-9            3rd Section/AC              (87-72 Career)

Matt Schmitz        23-16          3rd Section

Ross Rath              8-3            Injured                           (105-41 Career)

Jordan Lewis       10-13          5th Section

Lee Borgerding    14-14

Marshall Zachman           7-19





Head Coach: Jeff Granrud

Enrollment: 288

Section: 5A


7-14 Overall Dual Meets  2-4 Central Minnesota Conference

Five Section Place Winners

First Place Columbia Heights “Al Ogdie” Invitational: 186 Pts. (10 Placers)

Sixth Place Glencoe/SL “Don Hall” Invitational: 93 Pts. (6 Placers)

Seventh Place BBE “Jaguar” Invitational: 49 Pts. (4 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Dylan Youngren             12th            27-6            3rd Section

Garrett Schanus            11th            12-7

Dylan Pelnis                            11th            10-18

David Cox                      10th            12-19

Riley Gruenhagen                   12th            11-12

Liam Fury                      11th            14-9            6th Section

Nathan Marshel             12th            12-12          5th Section

Blake Klinkner              12th              8-18

Blake Karels                           11th              6-12

Rob McBee                    11th              4-19



Chris Cox             19-12          1st Section          (97-85 Career)

Jeff Hausladen    21-4            3rd Section

Tyler Miller           14-20





Head Coach: Wes Tessman

Enrollment: 271

Section: 5A


5-14 Overall Dual Meets

Seven Section Place Winners

Fourth Place Benson “Braves Classic” Invitational: 126 Pts. (6 Placers)

Sixth Place Parkers Prairie “Knight Hawk” Invitational: 112 Pts. (6 Placers)

Ninth Place Alexandria “Big Ole” Invitational: 47 Pts. (3 Placers)

Ninth Place Willmar “Cardinal Classic” Invitational: 76 Pts. (4 Placers)

Eight Place West Central Conference Tournament: 99 Pts. (5 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Taylor Lundebrek                   12th            23-7            4th Section/AC

Bradley Jacobs             10th            30-10          4th Section/AC

Joseph Weaver              11th            31-7            4th Section/AC

Ryan Stottler                 12th            23-5             5th Section/AC

Spencer Winter             10th            18-5            5th Section

J. R. Formo                    12th            15-8            6th Section

Caleb Blaisdell              11th            18-20          5th Section

Gary Steffensen            12th              3-8            Injured



Brock Wollschlager                11-19

Julius         Rohrbach               4-23

Jacob Lutterman            1-24




Head Coach: Ryan Bothun

Enrollment: 262

Section 5A


12-8 Overall Dual Meets 2-2 South Park Region Conference

Six Section Place Winners

Seventh Place Wadena-Deer Creek “Wolverines” Invitational: 71 Pts. (7 Placers)

Eight Place BBE “Jaguar” Invitational: 19 Pts. (1 Placer)

Eleventh Place West Central Area “Grant County” Invitational: 58 Pts. (5 Placers)

Tenth Place Park Region Conference Tournament: 58 Pts. (6 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Tim Jaskin                     12th            10-17          4th Section

Creg Donabauer            11th            12-14          4th Section

Miguel Ambriz                10th            20-12          4th Section/AC

Nicholas Middendorf     10th            19-15          3rd Section

David Ambriz                            9th              9-14

Remington Meagher        9th              7-20          5th Section

Thomas Pesta                  8th              6-13

Jadon Buntjer               10th              7-8

Keegan Cavallero                     8th              2-10



Devon Roering               14-15          4th Section

Kody Kunerth                19-14          Career 49-74

Rene Eididy                             12-11

Matt Schultz                             8-11

Tony Loehrer                   3-10

Kyle Brown                      3-12




Head Coach: Jamison Wagner

Enrollment: 144 Browerville

Section: 5A


3-22 Overall Dual Meets 0-4 South Park Region Conference

Three Section Place Winners

Seventh Place Park Region Conference Tournament: 78 Pts. (5 Placers)

Eight Place BBE “Jaguar” Invitational: 36 Pts. (3 Placers)

Ninth Place West Central Area “Grant County” Invitational: 73 Pts. (5 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers:

Noah Becker                           10th            33-7            3rd Section/AC

Jackson Wollenburg     12th            12-19          6th Section

Jake Gaida                    12th            10-13

Damian Lange               10th            10-19

Dalton Butler                   8th            10-23

Harry Henly                             11th              3-22

Nick Becker                            11th              2-18



Austin Butler                           26-9            All Conference

Adam Sutlief                           29-8            All Conference

Jordan Statema            14-25          4th Section

Zeke Nava                       3-20





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